Pest Control


Environmentally conscious solutions for residential and working environments







Innovative trap programme

To actively contribute to pest control and safeguard people and property values, Franzen developed mouse and rat traps that are durable and easy to use.


Protection in homes, workplaces and warehouses

Trapping pests, in particular mice, is a sensible protective measure in residential, working and storage environments. This protects people and assets from decay due to rodent damage. Since mice reproduce quickly, mouse traps are necessary to counteract extensive contamination and damage.


High-quality workmanship

We offer high-quality mouse and rat traps that are manufactured with the necessary impact power. Live traps are also part of our programme. Both options have proven to be very effective. They are equipped with an opening for the bait and a spring mechanism for catching the mouse.  






Solutions for efficient pest control


The motto of professional pest controllers is to combine environmental capability with health protection, economy and maximum effectiveness. Listening to the experts, we developed our innovative traps as the optimum solution for controlling vermin. 


Highly effective mouse trap

With integrated bait


This state-of-the-art mouse trap is ready for use in a matter of seconds, as it is already equipped with poison-free long-lasting bait. The disposal of the mouse is hands-free. Also available as a rat trap.






If you would like to expand your product range with our innovative mouse traps, please  contact us.
We would be pleased to work with you on developing the optimal solution for your requirements.