The AR 15 magazine lock serves as protection against theft and misuse of the weapon. The inability to fire is immediately guaranteed and evident after insertion into the weapon. In addition, the weapon is prevented from being dismantled with the lock in place, as the security device is inserted in the cocked state. This makes it impossible to insert a cartridge into the chamber.




AR15 Magazine Lock


This Franzen lock fits securely in the magazine, yielding the following benefits:

  • Locks upper & lower receiver together
  • Protection from unauthorized use
  • A visual confirmation for an empty chamber
  • Added gasket to reduce dust and improve cleanliness
  • The key remains with the lock when in the open position - reducing key loss situations




AR15 Magazine Lock


50200 Pkg Random Key

Boxes of 10

Cases of 60 (6 boxes)


50209 Pkg Keyed Alike

Cases of 24



We are unable to sell replacement keys.


The ABUS card has a code which allows that specific key to be made. The card is essential in having a spare key made.




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