The simplicity of the Franzen Gravity Lock is the reason for its success and dependability.





Why put a Gravity Lock on a Waste Container?   

  • Protect bin contents from unauthorized access and removal
  • Protect sensitive data on paper documents for shredding
  • Protect valuable content against theft (metals, medical, electronics, etc.)
  • Prevent spilling and messy cleanups from knocked over bin
  • Prevent cross-contamination with other sorts of waste
  • Prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the bin
  • Prevent mischievous people from dumpster diving
  • Prevent animals from having a free lunch







Organic Bins


Recycle Bins


General Waste Bins


Specialized Waste Bins


How does a Gravity Lock Work?

  • Lid is securely locked at all times

  • Lid does not open accidentally when bin is toppled over to any side
  • Waste bin can be accessed with one hand using thumb turn (public) or key (designated users only)
  • Lid automatically re-locks when lowered into catch
  • Lid opens automatically using gravity-induced internal mechanics when emptied into hauling truck
    • ​Truck driver is not required to open the bin ⇒Time-Efficient Hauling
    • No worker is required to be around hydraulic lifting equipment ⇒ Improved Work Safety
  • ​Lid automatically re-locks when bin is put back on the ground










Various configurations for 2-wheel and 4-wheel bins



Don't throw away old locks!


Used Gravity Lock

Lock in shredding machine cutter





Separated materials for recycling